What we do to coexist

Sometimes it seems to be over people’s heads that extreme movements are a response to failures of moderation. Those who push the SJW message way too far are often a response to those who vocally wouldn’t even tolerate a moderate step to more diversity and inclusivity prompting a borderline totalitarian extreme to manifest.

The same can be said about the most unsavory parts of what’s become known as the Alt-Right right which are a response of people asking for too much societal/changes too quick creating a sometimes dangerously anti-social evolution movement. (If you make people feel their way of life is under threat they will respond)

Should people understand social moors change and it’s not a bad thing to let more variety of people participate in society in more ways despite differing values and cultures, sure. On the other hand should people understand people value their traditions and are hostile to the idea they should unilaterally abandon them to give others an impression of accepting and embracing trends they don’t, sure.

No one should force anyone to do anything but we should respect each other and try to meet each other where we can. We should be open to changes but also be more open to people who change slowly and avoid always being judgemental to the other side.

Point is, if we CHOOSE to understand each other we might get somewhere better. Although, even if we choose not to get along the resulting struggle will result in us still discovering ways to coexist.

Whether we all get along or not the only way to discover how to coexist is to coexist.


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