The Social Promise of Blockchain

One of the greatest things about the promise of Blockchain technology is it offers solutions the ideological desires of individualists, propertarians and egalitarians can be satisfied by.

Blockchain creates the possibility to:

1. Bypass traditional centers of powers that may limit opportunity based one inability to fit into social norms. (You can create your own opportunities without asking permission with less likeliness anyone can unilaterally stop you)

2. Ownership and proper property rights claims can be made so much easier to track with Blockchain and contracts more easily enforced with smart contracts. In the world of Blockchain property Rights is not something you have to hope others abide by but is hardcoded into it.

3. The potential of dapps (decentralized applications) running on the Blockchain means businesses can be designed in ways that run and manage themselves as intermediaries between providers and consumers. This creates the non-hierarchical non-political enterprise structure once thought only theoretical in egalitarian literature. (As it stands now near impossible to run anything without a chain of command, and when there is center of power there is always political rent seeking)

Blockchain offers the ability to satisfy the demands of some of the most ideological groups in social thinking without conflict, without force, without compulsion.

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