The Power of Individual Liberty

Often times the things that hold us back, oppress us, diminish us exist in large part are because we allow them to. We believe they must exist and that they are in the right to wrong us.

My goal as a Libertarian isn’t to give these beasts any more bite by terrifying you with tales of their abuse of power over you but to shine a light that this power has been yours to take back all along.

That bad things in this world often exist from the fact we have yet to claim our individuality and ability to empower ourselves and when we do the beast will turn out to be just a paper tiger in the wind.

So no, I will not engage in the politics of fear, resentment and anger that empower the beast but the politics of hope, optimism and affirmation that empowers you to take back the rights you had all along.

That’s all I offer and what I will always offer. If you find this to be a better path, please join me by my side on the journeys ahead.

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