The Lamden Project: The Solution for Mass Blockchain Adoption

This is a fascinating white paper and honestly very compelling as a solution. The Lamden project is one I’ll be following here is a summary but I highly recommend reading the whitepaper.


– Huge size of public Blockchain, even larger when used for smart contracts

– High transaction fees

– High level of programming specialization needed making hard to find developers


– Create a programming framework and tools to simplify Blockchain development

– This framework allows people to create many private or public blockchains that can communicate with each other and transfer assets between blockchains using the framework. Spreading information across several blockchains means less hardrive capacity is require making less resource intensive for those who maintain nodes. (This framework uses delegated proof of Stake which also more environmentally friendly than proof of Work)

– There are no built in fees, anyone who creates a private Blockchain or uses a public Blockchain can use smart contracts to create miner rewards specific to their use of the Blockchain (reward nodes in the tokens for their product) this way one persons use doesn’t mean someone else’s use is more expensive.

A project that has some similarities to this is what the Komodo Platform is doing, I would say both of these projects are ones that are truly the next step forward in making mass adoption of Blockchain Possible.

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