The Bitcoin Segwit 2x Fork

This is interesting. BCC (Bitcoin Cash) and B2X (Bitcoin Segwit2x) actually offer practical differences to OG Bitcoin (BTC).

Usually before one of these forks there is run up in bitcoin so people get more of the new coin when the fork happens. (If you had currency on one Blockchain and it forks into two blockchains you now have the equivalent balance on both blockchains as you did at the time of the forking)

Now when lightening network rolls out all these blockchains should be able to make use of it which will start the real competition between them which will be exciting.

Since they do propose three different paths for how bitcoin should evolve I wouldn’t be surprised if there is forks off of BCC and B2X in the future.

What is Lightening Network?

It’s a separate transaction settlement layer that many blockchains will able to use. From what I understand it’ll allow big transaction hubs to process lots of transactions through lightening during the day quickly and cheaply to be settled and committed to the Blockchain in large batches transactions at the end of the day. (Essentially how credit cards and securities clearing works)

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