Big Government Continues Attempting To Strip Away Your Freedoms

After stricter gun control measures were thankfully stricken down, there’s now a new proposal to expand the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s secretive surveillance powers. Big government never lets a tragedy go to waste, do they? The madness spewed from Republicans and Democrats partially comes from the mass hysteria spread throughout the nation. Thanks in part to mainstream media outlets, […]

Insiders and Outsiders are statist Same-Siders

An online news source called The Wrap reported that Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., “is the top donor to presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.” When a “capitalist” corporation funds a “socialist” candidate what you will get in Election 2016 is Statism-As-Usual. It doesn’t matter whether the next president is a Republican or a Democrat, a hardcore […]

Flaming Smart Meters and spymeters

You’ve been hearing this forever: Digital Smart Meters can start fires and burn your house down and kill you; Smart Meters can be used by the government to spy on you. Fear-mongering? Conspiracy theories? Technophobia? Or true? Recent reports seem to be confirming the “true” position. Smart Meters have been a major issue in the […]