Are Libertarians All Just Blindly Trustful Of Others?

Early this past January, I was hanging out with a few fellow high school alums at this cafeteria place in the West Village, not far away from where we all had just had a reunion for a club we had each been in back in the day. This club, known as Junior Statesman of America (or for short, JSA) was a model Congress of sorts where we’d have weekly meetings in the biology room and debate a plethora of mock bills, and for which we’d go to three out-of-state conventions…

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Does forcing the homeless into shelters help them?

Helping the Homeless

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s new homeless policy may hurt the people it’s trying to protect Last week, Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a new Executive Order saying that local police, state services, and social services in New York State must force homeless people into shelters when the temperature drops below 32 degrees. Setting aside the legality of the mandate, I’m sure Governor Cuomo is sincerely trying to protect people from freezing to death this winter. But just because the government has good intentions, doesn’t mean we’ll get good results. First, there’s the logistical burden this…

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Did laws end child labor?

by Alex Merced The popular narrative by those who want government to solve all social ills is that things like child labor would still be around today if not for laws. Although in all reality it’s not laws that end child labor but economic development, and economic development happens faster when free people are allowed to discover the division of labor and innovations that lead to development. Read this article by Robert Whaples, regarding the history of child labor in the United States Read this article about how industrialization causes…

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