Both Sides of the Social Justice Debate

The hostility between Social Justice Warriors/PC Police and those who feel resented by them have grown to a fever pitch of intensity with the recent violence on the Berkeley Campus. While individuals and groups on both sides of this discussion around Political Correctness (PC) can sometimes intentionally be overly provocative, neither side is absent of […]

Why as a Libertarian I am voting for Gary Johnson on Principle

Libertarian Principles Before I express my opinions, let me first articulate libertarian principles for those who may read this and not be fully aware. Many people start with the non-aggression principle, or NAP.┬áThis is the idea that it is unjust to INITIATE FORCE on another individual and their property. (Not harm, we are talking a […]

You Chose The Wrong Team, Drudge.

On September 3, 2013, Matt Drudge tweeted (since deleted), “It is now Authoritarian vs Libertarian. Since Democrats and Republicans has (sic) been obliterated, no real difference between the parties…” Since that brief flirtation, Matt Drudge has become chief water carrier for Donald J. Trump, trying to rally recalcitrant Republicans and conservative leaning independents to support […]