Sanctuary Cities

Rochester, NY (where I live) is a Sanctuary city. The libertarian in me loves that sanctuary cities like Rochester are¬†willing to defy the federal government for an unjust law. An updated Sanctuary City resolution passed on February 9th, 2017 created more concrete restrictions on using city resources to enforce immigration law: the resolution limits collection […]

Libertarian Merissa Hamilton Takes Ward’s “Outsider” Title In Arizona

As the highly observed primary race in Arizona between challenger Dr. Kelli Ward and incumbent Senator John McCain continues to garner national attention, things have heated up even further in the copper star state as Libertarian Merissa Hamilton has recently announced her candidacy for the much desired¬†US Senate seat. Unlike the Republicans and Democrats, in […]

Immigration is good for the economy and liberty

by Alex Merced So over the last year the immigration debate has become the centerpiece of the discussion of who’s the next president of the United States, due to the carefully played cards of Donald Trump (it was no accident, Trump knows that the establishment candidates like Rubio and Bush didn’t mesh well on immigration […]