Debate Summary: Let Me Control Your Life

By David Collins If you’ve watched the last two presidential debates, you’ll see a common thread. Everyone on stage believes they know what’s best for you. They want to control your life. Some demand universal healthcare, while others demand more security and war. Either way, more government is necessary. Milton Friedman once brilliantly stated, “Nothing is so permanent as […]

Don’t Trust Polls

Why do we still use polls for debates anyway? You’re probably already well aware that Rand Paul will not be in the included in the main stage debate tonight on Fox Business network. Whether you’re a libertarian greeting the news with disappointment or schadenfreude, a discussion on whether polls are appropriate measurements of debate inclusion. […]

Libertarianism: 9 Reasons to Convert

Not to be confused with the Libertarian Party. This is solely about the ideology of libertarianism, which predates the party and has many different opinions within it. Many of these reasons are thought to encompass individuals who identify as libertarians. You’ll want to be left alone. You mean, without the NSA and the TSA? How would we survive without […]