Ripple – XRP

Crypto Knowledge

The Crypto Asset with the 4th highest market cap is Ripple (XRP). There is a lot of controversy around Ripple so here are the facts.

– XRP the Cryptocurrency is a decentralized currency

– Ripple the company is a company whose business is to promote the adoption of Ripple for institutional payments. (Payments between banks, governments, etc.)

– The Ripple ledger can keep track of other exchanges other than exchanges of XRP, this has been where a lot of institutional adoption has occurred.

– The Ripple company does hold the vast majority of Ripple at 55 Billion which they have locked away via escrow features of the XRP ledger. 1 Billion is unlocked each month for 55 months then it relocks. This is mainly to pay for the operation of the company and liquidity providers.

– Like Bitshares and Lumens Ripple’s main use is for its fast cheap transactions.

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