Quick Bitcoin FAQ

A quick bitcoin/crypto FAQ?

1. Is bitcoin gold?

No, gold is gold and bitcoin is bitcoin, they are both assets and having a wide array of assets may be a suitable strategy to meet your goals, depends what they are?

2. Is bitcoin speculative?

Yes, I do believe bitcoin and blockchain have a bright future but its current price is heavy part speculation of what that role will be which can bigger and smaller than the price implies, Time will tell.

3. Is it a store of value?

Generally a store of value should have a more stable value and one Day bitcoin may have that but it doesn’t now. It can be used as a medium of exchange quite easily nowadays with coinbase, uphold and bitpay credit cards but its volatile price does prevent someone from using it regularly for now.

4. What about altcoins and ICOs?

If bitcoin is speculative altcoins and ICOs are more so but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have resources allocated to them but you should really do your due diligence and know what your buying cause there are a LOT of scam alts/icos that will rob you blind. But with some moderate due diligence and cautiousness you can avoid 99% of them.

5. Should I own other assets?

No asset is perfect so you should consider being spread out across Stocks, bonds, foreign currencies, metals, real estate, cryptos, etc. but you may want to talk to an expert who can assess your goals and help you allocate in a way to meet your goals best.

6. Where is a good place to learn the basics about bitcoin?

Go to my website BitcoinBlockchainCrypto.com


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