The recent exposé of money laundering, tax dodging and asset hiding by the global ruling criminal classes in the leaked Panama Papers should have opened all previously sleeping eyes to the reality of governments and the psychopaths who run them.

What the Panama Papers really didn’t document was how these so-called world “leaders” got filthy rich in the first place; by trading political power for bribes, influence for payoffs, and in many cases by raiding their own countries’ treasuries and funneling the loot into offshore accounts.

But there is another side to the Panama Papers. Just as many things can be used for good or evil – a gun for murder or self defense, a blade to cut a throat or perform life-saving surgery – the same is true of offshore accounts, trusts, tax havens and shell companies. “Things” aren’t good or evil, only people’s actions are.

Off-shoring is legal (“legal” being an amorphous concept that can become “illegal” whenever statist rulers think they can personally benefit by making something legal or illegal) and off-shoring has many legitimate uses for everyone. These include requirements for holding property in another country; minimizing and simplifying probate hassles; exercising personal privacy rights, providing asset protection from frivolous lawsuits; creating a broader, internationally diversified-investment portfolio; hedging against dollar inflation, operating a business in another country, and – those amorphous words again – avoiding taxes (legal) as opposed to evading taxes (illegal).

But libertarians have even more legitimate uses for off-shoring. They understand that Governments are predators. Governments are nothing more than self-legalized organized crime syndicates and its organizers are the most avaricious, rapacious, soulless money-grubbing creatures of all.

While libertarians reject coercion, intimidation and fraud they retain the right to use all appropriate means available to them in defense of their person and legitimately acquired property. That means hiding assets from governments along with every other criminal organization and entity not entitled to it, like scammers, hackers, identity thieves, the ever-aggressive surveillance state, greedy relatives, divorcing spouses, and just plain “nosy parkers.”

A CBS Money watch article notes, “People outside the U.S. may also put money in offshore accounts if they feel the political or financial climate in their own country isn’t stable.” That may explain why more Americans than ever before are renouncing their citizenship and permanently leaving the Evil Empire. A Fortune article reports, “As the US Treasury has become more aggressive about collecting taxes overseas, more people find the hassles of US citizenship outweigh the benefits.”

In short, America’s money-glutton powercrats – politicians, corporatists, banksters and the hidden behind-the-throne kingmakers – are driving money, jobs, companies and individual citizens out of the country. Little wonder that the end result will be a tiny master core, an enormous government-dependent peasantry and virtually no middle class.

Just keep in mind that the corrupt psychopaths who control the world’s governments will publically huff and puff but they’ll never actually blow down the offshore banking houses; it’s where they keep their own loot after all.

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