The Panama Papers that came to light April 3 are described as 11 million encrypted internal documents leaked from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. The papers document how the world’s most wealthy and powerful use tax havens to move, hide, launder, and evade paying taxes on their stolen loot, much of it embezzled from their own national treasuries.

Thugs named include such world “leaders” or their intimates as Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Iceland’s Sigmundur Gunnlaugson, China’s Xi Jinping, Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, Syria’s  Bashar al-Assad and America’s Middle Eastern BFF Saudi Arabia’s King Salman.

Let’s assume that the Papers are real, vetted as they apparently were for over a year by “more than a hundred media outlets around the world, coordinated by the Washington, DC-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.” What do these documents tell us beyond the actual facts?

First, it makes one wonder how America’s thugocracy got missed. Are they all using different law firms, protected by CIA assassins ready to put down any wannabe truth-teller or whistleblower?

Then there’s the grotesque irony that these same world leaders who write and enforce laws that criminalize otherwise mutually voluntary interactions and who relentlessly pursue and punish all who evade taxes are themselves users of these tax havens to hide their own criminal plunder and escape paying their own countries’ taxes. But then, the thugocracy everywhere write laws for their populations to obey; these laws never apply to themselves.

Libertarians find nothing surprising about these revelations since it only confirms reality. No student of world history, follower of current events, pursuer of obvious logic or possessor of common sense can be surprised by these revelations. Corruption is the very nature of government, and the US government may be the most corrupt of all.

The very definition of government – not found in any dictionary but found in reality – is a small cadre of ruthless people who claim monopoly power over a geographical area along with everything and everyone in it for the purpose of benefitting themselves. All governments, throughout history and worldwide, are based on physical coercion, intimidation and fraud.

People who don’t understand this are simply naive. Conspiracy theorists who blame secret societies like illuminati or Freemasons or Bilderberg for the world’s evils rather than blaming governments are simply gullible. Voters who think that the very politicians who eagerly collude with corporatists and banking cartels to line their own pockets will fix the problem are simply delusional. And those who think governments should have the power to hack our cell phones and regulate our internet are simply statist enablers who are inexcusably fatuous.

Typical of the government psychopaths like those named in the Panama Papers it’s a virtual certainty that the world’s political leaders will seek to track down and punish the leaker rather than track down and punish one of their own. Corrupt politicians protect corrupt politicians whenever it’s in their self interest to do so. It’s a matter of professional courtesy.

Whoever outed the Panama Papers, unknown at this writing, belongs in the same pantheon of heroes as Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers), Julian Assange (Wikileaks), Chelsey née Bradley Manning (“collateral murder” video), Edward Snowden (NSA whistleblower) and many other lesser known but just as courageous truth-tellers.

Americans need to remember who and what they’re sanctioning when they cast their votes of approval during Elections 2016: They’re simply choosing their new tax-thieving money-laundering gangland masters. They’re simply helping to perpetuate the business-as-usual domestic and global graft.

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