5 Things that would make crypto more adoptable

5 things to look for that would make a Crypto Asset more adoptable:

– Easy to use mobile app allowing you to trade, send, receive (Check out the WAVES mobile app as an example)

– Interoperable Blockchains (Komodo Platform and Lamden both seem to be working on this)

– Pre-Paid Cards that can be bought in retail (Seems like Bitbean has rolled Resources to make it easier to us in a retail setting)

– Easy to buy with USD (yes I’m aware of regulatory hurdles it takes to make that happen)

– Lite clients that don’t always require that minimal user to download the entire Blockchain. (Check out the WAVES Lite client chrome extension)

Ripple – XRP

Crypto Knowledge

The Crypto Asset with the 4th highest market cap is Ripple (XRP). There is a lot of controversy around Ripple so here are the facts.

– XRP the Cryptocurrency is a decentralized currency

– Ripple the company is a company whose business is to promote the adoption of Ripple for institutional payments. (Payments between banks, governments, etc.)

– The Ripple ledger can keep track of other exchanges other than exchanges of XRP, this has been where a lot of institutional adoption has occurred.

– The Ripple company does hold the vast majority of Ripple at 55 Billion which they have locked away via escrow features of the XRP ledger. 1 Billion is unlocked each month for 55 months then it relocks. This is mainly to pay for the operation of the company and liquidity providers.

– Like Bitshares and Lumens Ripple’s main use is for its fast cheap transactions.

Gentrification & The North Pole

I highly recommend Libertarians watch through the 7 episodes of, “The North Pole”. An amusing web series about Oakland natives dealing with gentrification.

Now as a Libertarian and an economics junkie my first impulse was to explain the economic reasons gentrification happens. Explain how government policies making it harder for natives to thrive and how in light of governments destruction of economic mobility gentrification doesn’t present a necessarily bad outcome for natives. (Offering long time property owners capital to look for greener pastures)

I’d recommend to hold back that impulse for a moment and appreciate how the show shows the emotional and cultural challenges that Gentrification brings. Why should we care? The economic reality hasn’t changed, but understanding the personal experience gives us the empathy to talk about the broader trends in a way people will listen.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency 101

Learn what is



Proof of Work

Proof of Stake


Smart Contracts



Lightening Network

And much more!

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The Social Promise of Blockchain

One of the greatest things about the promise of Blockchain technology is it offers solutions the ideological desires of individualists, propertarians and egalitarians can be satisfied by.

Blockchain creates the possibility to:

1. Bypass traditional centers of powers that may limit opportunity based one inability to fit into social norms. (You can create your own opportunities without asking permission with less likeliness anyone can unilaterally stop you)

2. Ownership and proper property rights claims can be made so much easier to track with Blockchain and contracts more easily enforced with smart contracts. In the world of Blockchain property Rights is not something you have to hope others abide by but is hardcoded into it.

3. The potential of dapps (decentralized applications) running on the Blockchain means businesses can be designed in ways that run and manage themselves as intermediaries between providers and consumers. This creates the non-hierarchical non-political enterprise structure once thought only theoretical in egalitarian literature. (As it stands now near impossible to run anything without a chain of command, and when there is center of power there is always political rent seeking)

Blockchain offers the ability to satisfy the demands of some of the most ideological groups in social thinking without conflict, without force, without compulsion.

Being an effective libertarian advocate

Some critical thinking when it comes to trying to convince someone of your position.

There are two facets to the discussion:

The problem – what the person is worried about and feels needs to be addressed

The solution – the course of action desired to solve said problem

As a libertarian I’m often less concerned with what people are worried about but how they want to solve them.

Imagine you are using a knife to drink soup, it’s ineffective and you might hurt yourself using it. If I just focus on telling you how stupid it is to use the knife you’ll be frustrated because at this point in your mind the alternative is not having soup.

If I take a different approach of presenting you a spoon and convince you to give the spoon a chance you’ll quickly dismiss the knife as a solution going forward when the spoon proves to be an effective solution.

Replace the knife with government solutions

Replace the spoon with enterprise, innovation and charity

Those who are for government solutions focus on debating whether a problem exists or not cause they assume that if it does then the government must be the solution. Listen to the way non-Libertarians make their appeals and you’ll see what I mean.

The Bitcoin Segwit 2x Fork

This is interesting. BCC (Bitcoin Cash) and B2X (Bitcoin Segwit2x) actually offer practical differences to OG Bitcoin (BTC).

Usually before one of these forks there is run up in bitcoin so people get more of the new coin when the fork happens. (If you had currency on one Blockchain and it forks into two blockchains you now have the equivalent balance on both blockchains as you did at the time of the forking)

Now when lightening network rolls out all these blockchains should be able to make use of it which will start the real competition between them which will be exciting.

Since they do propose three different paths for how bitcoin should evolve I wouldn’t be surprised if there is forks off of BCC and B2X in the future.

What is Lightening Network?

It’s a separate transaction settlement layer that many blockchains will able to use. From what I understand it’ll allow big transaction hubs to process lots of transactions through lightening during the day quickly and cheaply to be settled and committed to the Blockchain in large batches transactions at the end of the day. (Essentially how credit cards and securities clearing works)


The Lamden Project: The Solution for Mass Blockchain Adoption

This is a fascinating white paper and honestly very compelling as a solution. The Lamden project is one I’ll be following here is a summary but I highly recommend reading the whitepaper.


– Huge size of public Blockchain, even larger when used for smart contracts

– High transaction fees

– High level of programming specialization needed making hard to find developers


– Create a programming framework and tools to simplify Blockchain development

– This framework allows people to create many private or public blockchains that can communicate with each other and transfer assets between blockchains using the framework. Spreading information across several blockchains means less hardrive capacity is require making less resource intensive for those who maintain nodes. (This framework uses delegated proof of Stake which also more environmentally friendly than proof of Work)

– There are no built in fees, anyone who creates a private Blockchain or uses a public Blockchain can use smart contracts to create miner rewards specific to their use of the Blockchain (reward nodes in the tokens for their product) this way one persons use doesn’t mean someone else’s use is more expensive.

A project that has some similarities to this is what the Komodo Platform is doing, I would say both of these projects are ones that are truly the next step forward in making mass adoption of Blockchain Possible.


Breakdown of GOP Tax Bill

This a great breakdown of the tax bill, basically unless you have a huge mortgage, lots of kids or pay over 10k in state income taxes you are getting a sizeable tax cut:

– The standard deduction is doubled which should eliminate itemizing deductions for many making tax prep much simpler.

– The personal exemption is removed which is made up by the larger standard deduction unless you have more than three kids.

– $500 credit for dependents

– still can deduct mortgage interest on up $750,000 of the principal of the mortgage.

– Can still deduct State and Local taxes up $10,000

– Teachers can still deduct school supplies

– Also there is all the business tax changes that mainly will eliminate a lot of the accounting games that prevent the domestication of profits and also encourage more investment dollars towards the US (but I wouldn’t say by a transformative amount but certainly better than before)


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