Marketing the Liberty Message

When I suggest that people care about how they present and advocate ideas (being a good listener, empathy, positivity, framing to your audiences values), I sometimes get a pushback that basically suggests…

– If people can’t get behind an idea stated in its most abrasive and disruptive form then they somehow must ardently be against the underlying principle and fought against at every turn.

– That someone who doesn’t put ideas forth in their most abrasive/disruptive form must be trying to water down Principle.

– The ideas of Liberty should sell themselves.

*This is not to say that no one has ever knowingly watered down principle but good marketing is not watering down.

I push back against all three of these statements.

– Listening to people and then framing a principled message to their values/context so they can relate plants a seed of its underlying principle which more disruptive thinking can grow from.

– No matter how good nothing sells itself, every entrepreneur/Inventor wants to believe their product is so good that they don’t need to sell. At the end of the day it’s those who sell and sell well who succeed. What Idea is more worthy and vital to sell than the principles of liberty.

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