On the campaign trail Donald Trump made many promises and he has been aggressively keeping them to our dismay. As a libertarian I may be glad to see some signs of possible deregulation, but the onslaught of threats of tariffs, drone attacks, anti-immigration orders and now the assassination of an 8 year old girl have been beyond appalling (Nawar Al-Awlaki, Daughter of Terrorist Anwar Al-Awlaki). Some will try to justify it by citing that Obama had this girl’s 16 year old brother killed a few years ago. It was wrong then to kill children and it is wrong now no matter whose children they are.

Donald Trump did express the desire to kill the families of terrorists and kept that promise. This is unfortunate like many of the promises that he has kept. Many justify this with the possibility of these children growing up to be terrorists themselves. This is no justification as we all live everyday with the possibility of turning down a darker path. Our right to live should not be based on what is merely possible or the actions of our parents.

Bottom Line



(NOTE: To kill an 8 year old girl we also sacrificed a member of SEAL team 6. Is it worth sacrificing our greatest servicemen to kill children?)

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