Jeff Sessions and the Drug War

So many of you have been talking about Jeff Sessions opening the door on clamping down on States that have legalized marijuana. This goes to show you the problem with expecting the central government to have too much executive power. (The left, are you listening?)

So let’s first reiterate the problem with the drug war:

– It creates black market demand strengthening the revenue streams of organized crime which brings violence domestic and abroad in the form of street gangs, drug cartels, and terrorist organizations.

– It makes overdoses more likely as black market drugs have very little quality control resulting in people taking drugs with ingredients they didn’t anticipate.

– Addicts are less likely to look for assistance due to social stigma of making it a criminal issue.

– More addicts, since black market dealers will use more unethical and aggressive sales tactics than would transparent open markets due to social pressure.

Point is the drug war is a mess that’s filling up our prisons and costing the taxpayer in actual enforcement costs and loss productivity in jailing a large portion of the population. Sessions compounds this problem by empowering Federal government power over state power.

Governments not only spend a lot of resources but often spend them poorly distorting the economy overall (poor incentive structures). Since Federal Government can run almost endless deficits their incentives are especially poor leading to almost no substantive attempt to optimize use of funds. Essentially, empowering the feds to fight a useless drug war also allows the federal government to take a bigger role in distorting the economy.

In summary, Jeff Sessions is a douche.

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