Is bitcoin just about anonymity?

100% disagree that anonymity is bitcoins only utility. (Or that it is even a utility these days, it’s a public ledger so it’s not very anonymous)

Blockchains biggest value is trust (the distributed ledger), governance (requires mass consensus to successfully alter) and portability (Hard for Venezuelan authorities to find that crypto you are hiding).

Granted, these are not killer uses for a developed nation, but for underdeveloped nations where trust or availability of financial institutions are lacking or the local currency lacks value crypto offers a spectacular way to keep commerce developing globally.

Venezuela is a prime example, Cyprus was another example.

Yes some people use bitcoin to be off the grid but most of those people have moved to Monero/Aeon/Dash at the point.

This is like mobile banking, it is huge in Africa because it was a huge step up from what existed before but still hasn’t taken in the same way in America cause the additional value wasn’t enough to foster mass adoption.

If we look at crypto in the American context we are very much missing the big picture.

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