An online news source called The Wrap reported that Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., “is the top donor to presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.” When a “capitalist” corporation funds a “socialist” candidate what you will get in Election 2016 is Statism-As-Usual.

It doesn’t matter whether the next president is a Republican or a Democrat, a hardcore conservative or a hardcore progressive, an insider or an outsider, the president will be bought by billion dollar power players, outfitted with a shock collar and become an insider statist house pet.

Bernie Sanders cannot possibly deliver his wet dream of a European style Socialist Democratic Republic to his starry-eyed supporters in which everything will be given to them free (including trophies just for showing up) and a society in which everyone will somehow magically live at the expense of everyone else.

Ted Cruz cannot possibly deliver his supporters’ idea of a nation based on Mom, Apple Pie, Support the Troops, Back the Blue, Blind Patriotism and Sunday School Bible Stories in which we all return to the 1950s of starched shirts and full length dresses and everyone knows their place.

Even billionaire “outsider” Donald Trump will become a statist insider if/when he dons the presidential crown once the Political Corporatist Bankster Statist Establishment gets its unrelenting tendrils wrapped around him. There are corporate cartels and banking behemoths out there more powerful and moneyed than Donald Trump could ever dream of being. He’ll be easily handled.

(Trump may be a “political outsider” but he’s already a “corporatist insider.” Cruz is a novice “political outsider” but he, through his Goldman Sachs wife, is a longtime “bankster insider.” So what’s the real difference?)

Hillary “It Takes a Village” Clinton is a well established hardcore statist and nothing further needs be said about her.

They and all the rest are already statists anyway since they’re utterly dependent on statist power and money. That’s because the United States is a statist entity with a socialist domestic policy, a corporatist economic policy and an imperialist foreign policy. And that won’t change as long as the deeply entrenched statist ruling class doesn’t want it to change.

Incoming administrations seldom if ever un-do whatever massive profligate statist program was created by the predecessor rĂ©gime; they simply tweak it to fit their own needs while loudly chest-thumping how they’re going to rid the nation of it. If Republicans prevail Obamacare will be tweaked, renamed and used to their own benefit. If Democrats control power the civil rights-defiling government spying programs they publically detest will simply be renamed and used to their own advantage.

Black voters of America have taught all politicians an unswerving lesson: Promise your political base the moon and deliver them space dust because they’ll just keep right on voting for you anyway. Promise the left free housing and social programs but give them statism; promise the right free markets and smaller government but give them statism; promise greens free power and sustainability but give them statism…

Most children are taught not to start fights, not to bully, not to lie. Libertarians call these lessons the Non-Aggression Principle against coercion, intimidation and fraud. Nearly everyone except libertarians has grown up rejecting the ideals of Live-And-Let-Live, The Golden Rule and the Non-Aggression Principle and keep right on voting for their favorite thugs, bullies and liars, and keep right on wondering why nothing ever changes.

And then do it all over again, and again, and again because the majority of America’s electorate are themselves deeply invested insiders.

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