Immigration Archetypes

It’s not so simple as open vs closed Borders here are your different immigration archetypes, my descriptions can be satirical and tongue in cheek at times but you get the idea.

Idealist Open Borders – Everyone should be able to go anywhere anytime

Radical Libertarian Open Borders – Governments should not say who goes on my property, if I don’t want you on my property I’ll make you clearly aware myself.

Pragmatic Libertarian Open Borders – People outside of a health and criminal checks should be able to travel between nations, cultural and economic concerns should never be a reason to trap people. I understand safety concerns but this is the ideal we should working towards gradually.

Welfare Open Borders – The welfare state needs more taxpayers so let people in and tax them till they can’t take it so we can pretend the system isn’t collapsing.

Economic Open Borders – More people mean more entrepreneurs and innovators, cheap unskilled labor makes some businesses more globally competitive and access to skilled labor makes the US an easier place to park your business since you have access to the global labor market.

Economic Closed Borders – More unskilled and skilled workers reduce MY… I mean our wages, I can’t really stop people here from having kids but I can keep people from outside coming in and taking my… I mean our jobs.

Cultural Closed Borders – People from other places have different cultures and having them come here challenges the dominance of my culture which to me is the right culture.

Pragmatic Closed Borders – I’d like to let more people in but I’m pretty scared of terrorism and crime.

Trump Closed Borders – Trump said it so build a wall, but if he changes his mind I’m sure there is good reason so I’ll go with it.

Libertarian Closed Borders (Libertarian Nationalism) – A nations land is the private property of its citizens so they should be able to dictate who comes and goes. I believe the current culture is more liberty friendly than outsiders so I want to keep them out because… liberty.

Political Closed Borders – I just really hate Democrats so I don’t care how nice these immigrants may be I will not take the overstated risk that they may vote Democrat.

Moderate Closed Borders – I don’t want there to be less immigration but I don’t want more and I want current law to be Enthusiastically enforced.

Radical Closed Borders… (Super Nationalism) – No more immigration, let’s send some of the people here back. We can also just dump them all

In California and New York and kick them out of the Union.

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