Ideology and Charity

Sometimes I see people say they won’t donate to a charity or support a worthwhile cause because of some ideological foul of some sort. (either by people associated with the cause or the actions of the cause itself)

As a libertarian I want us to voluntarily create the solutions to societies greatest challenges. Sometimes that means creating an alternatives to inefficient non-voluntary based schemes, other times that means embracing and supporting existing channels so voluntary support is enough because even if we don’t agree perfectly with the people who run that outlet they may have the skills and expertise to solve that problem. (Ideology alone doesn’t make one suited or not suited to solve problems)

If we think a cause is worthwhile we should deeply act and work to make things happen in a voluntary manner not as a judgement but as demonstration of what is possible when you believe in individual liberty and taking personal responsibility of the world around you instead of hoping for the opposite.

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