Enterprise vs Governments vs Charity

One of the benefits of a business as a way of helping people vs a charity or government is the following. (Don’t get me wrong I’m glad charities exist)

Charities separate the provision of a good/service from the funding. Since this is the case, to get funds they have to build relationships and cater to patrons with galas and other events. The result is overtime they spend more time in securing funding that providing the charitable food or service. (Political organizations are a perfect example)

Government doesn’t have to spend time getting funding because they can just take it, but the result is complacency in the providing of a good or service. The result is typically plagued with corruption since it’s someone else’s money and they can always just take more.

In a business the funding and provision are the same, the more you provide the good or service the more funding you receive. In this case you focus your time on those who need your good or service cause they are the funders and only Fund you if you offer more than the next provider instead of spending endless time snoozing rich people to fund the occasional helping of others or taking other people’s money by force and wasting most of it on at best disorganized and often corrupt government aid programs.

Bottom line, entrepreneurship is philanthropy, Profit is Generosity.


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