Enough is Enough!


There is a reason everyone should consider voting Gary Johnson and Bill Weld this election year. The reason is that many are sick and tired of hearing the same political arguments year after year. We have to look to some type of change in Washington to break up the Trillion dollar, two party election monopoly.  Is it now time for a major shakeup in Washington that will send a chill up every elected official’s spine? What about two former governors? Gary Johnson and Bill Weld did not and do not reside in the Washington cesspool and have not claimed they have bribed people so they know how to, “Beat or game the system.” Does anyone in Washington care about the issues they supposedly fight for?


We have all been told over and over again by every candidate since the Kennedy administration, “That if you elect me I will do more to better race relations.” Since the Lyndon Johnson administration, “That if you elect me I will fight to end poverty” and “that if you elect me I will fix the issues we have with the schools and schools systems in America.” Since the Carter administration, “If we do not deal with entitlement programs they will go broke” and, “That if you elect me I will fix the destabilization in the Middle East and end the wars.” Since the Reagan administration, “That if you elect me I will fix the immigration system.” Since the Clinton administration, “That if you elect me I will do more for the LGBTQ community and marriage equality.” With regard to all these issues the government has thrown billions of dollars at them and where has that gotten us?


These issues are debated and fought over year after year. More government agencies, committees, and departments are created to try and deal with these issues, growing government more and more while none of these agencies, committees, or departments ever seem to move the needle on any of these issues in the slightest bit.


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have stuff about these issues on their web pages but never seem to address them on the campaign trail or even in the debates. Although Donald Trump says he is an outsider and can fix these problems, in the same breath he states he can fix it because he has been inside Washington dealing with (paying off) politicians for favors. Hillary Clinton has been in or around Washington and “dealing” with many of these issues for years and yet all the issues continue to exist.


As two term governors Gary Johnson and Bill Weld did miraculous things in their states, following through on campaign promises, things that could be emulated at the federal level. Consolidating government departments and agencies, balancing the budget, building new roads, schools, and hospitals all while leaving their states with massive budget surpluses.  It is up to you, Voting for the two party system, we are destined with the same results, increasing the debt, continued loss of freedoms and divisiveness of our beloved nation.


After 60 years of promises that have gone unfulfilled, isn’t it about time to try something new?


Vote Gary Johnson / Bill Weld 2016

By Robert and Barbara Healey

Bob Healey

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