Crypto Kitties and Cryptomon

A lot of people like to make jokes about crypto kitties but when you look at what they did, it’s quite genius.

Essentially what they did is create a standard for non-fungible token issuances. (The Kitties)

So many of these kitties where issued in the ICO and the only way to make more is to breed male and female tokens. (Different cats look different so you have to find out who owns the male and female versions of your favorite kittens and pay them to breed their kittens)

Essentially you have people breeding digital cats for a handsome profit. This totally nailed people’s desire to collect things. I hope Nintendo does something similar with Pokémon where you can actually transfer them into the game.

Can you imagine kids breeding their own cryptomon and doing battles. (It works this way now but if your game gets erased you lose your Pokémon now they’d exist forever on the Blockchain)

Not every new technology brings has to make our lives productive sometimes it just enhances or creates new methods of leisure.

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