Crypto and the awakening of the role of money

Probably the most profound thing I’ve learned from studying the Cryptocurrency Markets is that the role of money is so much more than we ever realized.

Money is not just solely a medium of exchange/store of value/unit of account but a tool or the key mechanism for decentralizing processes. Money as we’ve experienced it up till now has been serving the role of decentralizing the process of distributing goods and services. Doing so resulted in better outcomes than the centralized process ever could have.

If you take a look at a lot of these ICOs they are applying that concept to enterprise which has been a centralized process for the longest time. By using a enterprise specific token they are creating incentives for the processes of an enterprise to self-coordinate and run as the broader money supply helps coordinate the market.

This realization has only made me more in love with crypto technology. The entrepreneur of tomorrow looks at a problem and doesn’t ask how to set up a business to solve it but how can I structure incentives for the problem to solve itself and is rewarded by the rising value of the token used to create the cycle of incentives in that solution.

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