Voluntary Government Funding

Voluntary Government Funding I am happy to report that I have completed four chapters for my next sci-fi story called, “The Makers’ Stone.” It takes place on a Terran colony not too far from Earth and is aptly named, “Terran Secundus.” Part of my process in writing sci-fi stories is to devise interesting social paradigms […]

Interview With Laurie Calhoun: Author of, ‘We Kill Because We Can: From Soldiering to Assassination in the Drone Age’

Laurie Calhoun: We Kill Because We Can

Your most recent work has concerned the lethal use of drones.  What inspired you to tackle this important, but little acknowledged problem? Laurie Calhoun: I have been writing essays on war since the 1999 NATO bombing of Kosovo. In 2013, I published War and Delusion: A Critical Examination, which is a comprehensive critique of the […]