Gregorian Libertarians and the Coercion Pill

There are libertarians, non-libertarians and anti-libertarians. Libertarians are people who seek a free society through the Zero Aggression Principle against coercion, intimidation and fraud. Non-libertarians are people who may believe in many different things but might still be open to libertarianism. Anti-libertarians are people who have swallowed the Coercion Pill. Consider this (slightly edited but […]

Voluntaryist comic book heroes are ‘Shielding Assange’

The Voluntaryist comic book superheroes are back and they’re continuing to set the standard of what it really means to be a superhero; it means fighting against everyone who seeks to dominate others through coercion, intimidation and fraud. If today you embrace the Non-Aggression Principle of the Modern American Libertarian Movement that includes the right […]