Libertarianism: A (Very Short) Primer

Libertarianism: A (Very Short) Primer Noah Mickel Current political discourse is rife with aggression, divisiveness, and alienation. With the election of Donald Trump, many see a wave of protectionism and authoritarianism seeping into the right. On the other hand, the former liberal position of free speech is being curtailed for the sake of “Social Justice.” […]

Name Thy Enemy

The mantra of the Republican Party when it comes to why the United States has supposedly been “weak” on foreign policy and fighting the “War on Terror” has been because they say President Obama would never name the enemy.  They say President Obama would never say “Radical Islam” in the same sentence with acts of […]

Excited To Begin

When I saw the opportunity to write and contribute to a Libertarian website. I thought to myself, what a great chance to see how my views and opinions will stack up to others. Not in a competitive way by any means, but more so in a way that allows me to grow and help others […]

Top 5 libertarians of 2016

The Top 5 Libertarians of 2016 and Why Gary Johnson Despite all the criticisms of Gary Johnson’s ability to articulate Libertarian positions and sometimes odd gaffes/responses in media interviews he had a very successful year. Gary Johnson now has the highest vote total in Libertarian Party history and is generally the first person people think of […]