Big Mover: Zclassic

Big Mover on Bittrex Today: Zclassic Zclassic is a fork of Zcash. Zcash was made to facilitate privacy but 20% of Every mined block is set aside to fund development of the Zcash and block rewards started out lower to later increase and have an initial scarcity. Zclassic removes these two aspects of Zcash allowing […]

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The Direction of Technology

My Futurist Prediction of the Day: – Someone will discover how to use unused brain power for computing – unskilled labor will lease excess brain capacity for Blockchain Mining – the rewards from the mining will essentially become the universal basic income everyone is so up in arms about. Those who are skilled will possibly […]

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The State of Bitcoin Blockchain Crypto: Dec 2017

Possible reasons for the sell off in crypto (aka upcoming buying opportunity): – Deleveraging by those who leveled up expecting further rally’s and getting out before they lose too much in margin interest – People expecting a New Years sell off (people take their gains after the ball drops to defer taxes on their 2017 […]

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Bitcoin Dark & The Komodo Platform

Crypto Knowledge of the day: Bitcoin Dark (an altcoin, Meaning a non-bitcoin currency) is on the way out, they’ve been doing a trade in for Komodo Coin which is the coin of the Komodo Platform. The Komodo platform is a company that actually creates blockchains for particular uses (different than tokenization, they are creating entirely […]

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About the WAVES Blockchain

Some knowledge about the WAVES Blockchain. In the waves Blockchain using the Waves Wallet transactions cost .001 Waves (1.5 cents). If you want to create your own custom token it costs you one WAVES ($15 currently). Although to send your token to another person it’d cost you .001 Waves. Although if you want to commit […]

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How to get started in Cryptocurrency

If you are someone not involved with Cryptocurrency but Interested in getting involved here is a quick guide of some easy ways to get started. You have 2 choices, buy crypto or earn crypto. The easiest way to start earning crypto is the following: ⁃ Become a content contributor on the social network, SteemIT. By […]

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Multi-Currency Blockchains

Crypto Knowledge for the Day There are a handful of coins that are using a multi-currency approach to create different incentives to address concerns around single currency Blockchain incentives to mine, spend, buy. What do I mean? Sometimes there are incentives to mine (putting you computer to work and being rewarded in coin) but it […]

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Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake

Crypto Knowledge for the day: The Method by which participants help verify transactions and are rewarded with Cryptocurrency come in many flavors the most popular two being… Proof of Work (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) and Proof of Stake (Waves, Bitshares) There are a handful of others but by far these are the most common. PoW (Proof […]

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Valuable Advice re: Crypto Investing

Some Crypto Thoughts: – While some early adopters made a huge return there is no free lunch in crypto. Early adopters took a huge risk and often were individuals who put in time developing or financing all the software making the current crypto market possible and were rewarded handsomely for doing so. If you trade […]

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Crypto and the awakening of the role of money

Probably the most profound thing I’ve learned from studying the Cryptocurrency Markets is that the role of money is so much more than we ever realized. Money is not just solely a medium of exchange/store of value/unit of account but a tool or the key mechanism for decentralizing processes. Money as we’ve experienced it up […]

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