Thoughts on Institutional Pluralism

Bottom line outside of our physical self (our ability to speak to think), our ability to define what is mine and yours and when one has caused damages to another requires legal, moral and cultural frame works with broad tacit consent to exist and be upheld. Government like in anything makes things constant and stagnant […]

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Jeff Sessions and the Drug War

So many of you have been talking about Jeff Sessions opening the door on clamping down on States that have legalized marijuana. This goes to show you the problem with expecting the central government to have too much executive power. (The left, are you listening?) So let’s first reiterate the problem with the drug war: […]

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Why Should Convicts Be Allowed to Vote

Bottom Line: Electoral Politics always benefits those can and do vote at the expense of those who can’t or won’t vote. In light of this, the rights of a class of people who can’t vote are subject to political ambivalence and incentivizes politicians to reclassify political foes into that excluded class. Subscribe on Follow […]

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