Both Sides of the Social Justice Debate

The hostility between Social Justice Warriors/PC Police and those who feel resented by them have grown to a fever pitch of intensity with the recent violence on the Berkeley Campus. While individuals and groups on both sides of this discussion around Political Correctness (PC) can sometimes intentionally be overly provocative, neither side is absent of […]

I Can’t Comment on the Women’s March

According to many protesters in the aftermath of the “Women’s March,” I am not allowed to have a say on any of the issues due to my sexual identity. Due to the way I was born, I cannot use logic to unpack this social phenomenon. I can’t claim that abortion is morally repulsive because I’m […]

Libertarians and Martin Luther King Jr.

Where do libertarians stand on the Martin Luther King’s policy legacy? Every year, I make it a Martin Luther King Jr. day tradition to reread his letter from Birmingham Jail. It’s a brilliant essay that makes the case for the rule of law, justified civil disobedience, and the necessity of demanding immediate rectification for legal inequality. If you haven’t […]