Being an effective libertarian advocate

Some critical thinking when it comes to trying to convince someone of your position.

There are two facets to the discussion:

The problem – what the person is worried about and feels needs to be addressed

The solution – the course of action desired to solve said problem

As a libertarian I’m often less concerned with what people are worried about but how they want to solve them.

Imagine you are using a knife to drink soup, it’s ineffective and you might hurt yourself using it. If I just focus on telling you how stupid it is to use the knife you’ll be frustrated because at this point in your mind the alternative is not having soup.

If I take a different approach of presenting you a spoon and convince you to give the spoon a chance you’ll quickly dismiss the knife as a solution going forward when the spoon proves to be an effective solution.

Replace the knife with government solutions

Replace the spoon with enterprise, innovation and charity

Those who are for government solutions focus on debating whether a problem exists or not cause they assume that if it does then the government must be the solution. Listen to the way non-Libertarians make their appeals and you’ll see what I mean.

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