Jonathan Lockwood: Interview with Advancing Colorado’s Executive Director

Jonathan Lockwood has been variously described as a right-wing smearmeister, flamboyant, and even deranged. The 27 year old Denver native is the executive director at Advancing Colorado, a nonpartisan nonprofit that “works to advance a culture of opportunity and freedom through advocacy and outreach,” according to their own website. Lockwood is regionally and nationally known […]

May I have a word with the Tea Party?

I have always held faith in the two-party system, often quipping that a constant and guaranteed antagonism is the one bulwark preventing a one-party system from seizing power. Perhaps it is my recent and quintessentially five-years-too-late binging on Aaron Sorkin’s thoughtful if provocative masterpiece, The Newsroom, that has caused me to identify with the more […]

Fanboying over Matt Kibbe

by Neil Hawke Matt Kibbe, He was born before the wind, and at age 52, is just a hair younger than the sun. Greyish steely personality shines through piercing eyes, rarely unveiled tattoo sleeves, and wicked sideburns that scream of an antiestablishmentarian persona years in the making– years even before 1963. He’s young enough to […]