The Circular Firing Squad: Purity vs. Pragmatism

It’s been said that if two libertarians talk for an hour and agree on everything, one of them is lying. Another statement, one that seems to be more nearly true, is that if two libertarians talk for an hour they’ll agree on two things – that taxation is theft, and that one of them is […]

AFSCME is Putting Itself Before Taxpayers in Illinois.

At 1.3 million employees and retirees, The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal employees is the largest trade union of public sector employees in America.  They cover a whole slew of professions including correctional officers, physicians, teachers, sanitation engineers and many more.  They’ve been around since 1932, but people in Illinois have really been […]

Don’t Waste Your Vote in Illinois

Illinois is a deep blue state.  Electors from the Democratic Party have picked our president every four years since Reagan.  We’ve had the same Democratic Speaker of the House all but two years since 1978, and Democrats hold a majority over Republicans in the General Assembly. While Republicans can be, and are, successful in the […]