Is ‘The Fountainhead’ heading for a movie makeover?

When the last of the trinity of Atlas actioners Parts I, II and III Shrugged through Metroplex Cineplexes North Texans knew their Ayn Rand flicks fix was finished. No more missing masterpieces hiding in an attic, no sequel or prequel to equal her Atlas Shrugged magnum opus. No other feature film flames for Randian film […]

No such thing as a ‘Free Public Charter School’

People throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex have been mailbox-bombed by up to six (!) bright, shiny, slick, professionally produced oversized “post cards” from the (desperate?) International Leadership of Texas (ILTex). The biggest headline on these cards says “Free Public Charter School.” These four words strung together no doubt caused instant mirth in the minds of […]

Gregorian Libertarians and the Coercion Pill

There are libertarians, non-libertarians and anti-libertarians. Libertarians are people who seek a free society through the Zero Aggression Principle against coercion, intimidation and fraud. Non-libertarians are people who may believe in many different things but might still be open to libertarianism. Anti-libertarians are people who have swallowed the Coercion Pill. Consider this (slightly edited but […]

Voluntaryist comic book heroes are ‘Shielding Assange’

The Voluntaryist comic book superheroes are back and they’re continuing to set the standard of what it really means to be a superhero; it means fighting against everyone who seeks to dominate others through coercion, intimidation and fraud. If today you embrace the Non-Aggression Principle of the Modern American Libertarian Movement that includes the right […]