‘Cultural Libertarianism’ isn’t new, it’s just gone international

Even though the “Libertarian Opinionizer” you’re reading right now has been debunking the virulently anti-libertarian cultural bunkum of Daily Kos, Salon, AlterNet and countless other groupthink collectivist online garbage dumps since 2008 (and defending libertarian culture at The Loose Cannon Libertarian since 2001) some people are only now discovering what has recently become known as […]

Insiders and Outsiders are statist Same-Siders

An online news source called The Wrap reported that Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., “is the top donor to presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.” When a “capitalist” corporation funds a “socialist” candidate what you will get in Election 2016 is Statism-As-Usual. It doesn’t matter whether the next president is a Republican or a Democrat, a hardcore […]

The Other Panama Papers: Playing hide & seek with psychopaths

The recent exposé of money laundering, tax dodging and asset hiding by the global ruling criminal classes in the leaked Panama Papers should have opened all previously sleeping eyes to the reality of governments and the psychopaths who run them. What the Panama Papers really didn’t document was how these so-called world “leaders” got filthy […]

The Panama Papers: Global corruption-as-usual

The Panama Papers that came to light April 3 are described as 11 million encrypted internal documents leaked from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. The papers document how the world’s most wealthy and powerful use tax havens to move, hide, launder, and evade paying taxes on their stolen loot, much of it embezzled from […]