You Chose The Wrong Team, Drudge.

On September 3, 2013, Matt Drudge tweeted (since deleted), “It is now Authoritarian vs Libertarian. Since Democrats and Republicans has (sic) been obliterated, no real difference between the parties…” Since that brief flirtation, Matt Drudge has become chief water carrier for Donald J. Trump, trying to rally recalcitrant Republicans and conservative leaning independents to support […]

Interview with Alicia Dearn, LP Vice Presidential Candidate

By David Valente As we speed toward Memorial Day weekend and the end of the Libertarian Presidential nomination process, we are starting to see candidates for the number 2 slot come out of the woodwork. We saw 2 candidates put forward their preferred candidates, as John McAfee chose California Entrepreneur and Photographer Judd Weiss as […]