Do libertarians hate schools and libraries?

Learning moment. Libertarians are not against parks, schools, libraries, defense, quality control, etc. Libertarians to different degrees are against the state providing them through tax funding. Libertarians are also skeptical that the state can run any of these things effectively which can be illustrated by endless examples of the state providing something versus non-state actors. […]

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Crypto Kitties and Cryptomon

A lot of people like to make jokes about crypto kitties but when you look at what they did, it’s quite genius. Essentially what they did is create a standard for non-fungible token issuances. (The Kitties) So many of these kitties where issued in the ICO and the only way to make more is to […]

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Buying Crypto is a Libertarian Virtue

Buying crypto should be done not only for investment purposes but as a libertarian in principle. Why? When you buy and hold crypto and its price rises it creates an incentives for developers to develop and discover new applications of the technology. This decentralized tech will prove to be a godsend when the burden of […]

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What we do to coexist

Sometimes it seems to be over people’s heads that extreme movements are a response to failures of moderation. Those who push the SJW message way too far are often a response to those who vocally wouldn’t even tolerate a moderate step to more diversity and inclusivity prompting a borderline totalitarian extreme to manifest. The same […]

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Jeff Sessions and the Drug War

So many of you have been talking about Jeff Sessions opening the door on clamping down on States that have legalized marijuana. This goes to show you the problem with expecting the central government to have too much executive power. (The left, are you listening?) So let’s first reiterate the problem with the drug war: […]

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Blockchains that are Platforms for ICOs, Tokens, and Dapps

I personally think Platform blockchains have the brightest future as they have endless use cases. Here is a list of the ones I’m aware of, please add more in the comments. Jason Christie – NXT – Ardor – Waves – Ethereum – Ethereum Classic – Expanse – Burstcoin – Counterpunch – RSK – Omni Protocol […]

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5 Things that would make crypto more adoptable

5 things to look for that would make a Crypto Asset more adoptable: – Easy to use mobile app allowing you to trade, send, receive (Check out the WAVES mobile app as an example) – Interoperable Blockchains (Komodo Platform and Lamden both seem to be working on this) – Pre-Paid Cards that can be bought […]

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Ripple – XRP

Crypto Knowledge The Crypto Asset with the 4th highest market cap is Ripple (XRP). There is a lot of controversy around Ripple so here are the facts. – XRP the Cryptocurrency is a decentralized currency – Ripple the company is a company whose business is to promote the adoption of Ripple for institutional payments. (Payments […]

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Gentrification & The North Pole

I highly recommend Libertarians watch through the 7 episodes of, “The North Pole”. An amusing web series about Oakland natives dealing with gentrification. Now as a Libertarian and an economics junkie my first impulse was to explain the economic reasons gentrification happens. Explain how government policies making it harder for natives to thrive and how […]

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