Al Franken, Roy Moore and the Injustice of Politics

When it comes to the controversy with Al Franken and Roy Moore the egg is on the face on politics itself. Their slow response to both men show how their desire to maintain power trumps any desire for justice and how unaccountable public officials can be.

When the controversy broke out with Weinstein, Spacey, Laurer and more the fall from grace and consequence was almost immediate, swift and painful. Why? Because someone can cancel their Netflix subscription, avoid movies and watch a different morning show at any moment. A shareholder concerned about the future of the company can sell their shares at the drop of hat. These mechanisms make private entities accountable and responsive in real time.

On the other hand an elected politician faces no consequences till their next election which can be so far off that peoples’ outrage will have died down and be replaced with the cheering on of “their team”. Politics is slow to respond and resilient to withstanding bad press on unethical and disgusting behavior long as it’s far enough from the next election.

So why as a Libertarian do I prefer more and more things be handled outside of politics and government? Accountability is a pretty damn good reason.

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