About the WAVES Blockchain

Some knowledge about the WAVES Blockchain.

In the waves Blockchain using the Waves Wallet transactions cost .001 Waves (1.5 cents). If you want to create your own custom token it costs you one WAVES ($15 currently).

Although to send your token to another person it’d cost you .001 Waves. Although if you want to commit 10,000 Waves then you can create your own “masternode” that verifies transactions in which transaction fees can be paid in any token on the Blockchain including your custom token.

These nodes are “staking” Meaning their likelihood of staking the next block is based on the their waves holdings.

Using the WAVES client I can lease my WAVES to a node, in return they will share with me their winnings without having to leave my computer on (their computers are doing all the work but by leasing my Waves I increase their staking probabilities)

Download the Waves client at WavesPlatform.com, it’s a pretty nifty Blockchain.


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