Government: Ends and Means

     Everybody wants to fix things, both left and right. What we have is a war between ends and means. The left in particular cares little about means as long as they fix the current problem at hand. They don’t care if it creates other problems in the process. In fact, most politicians (left […]

The Circular Firing Squad: Purity vs. Pragmatism

It’s been said that if two libertarians talk for an hour and agree on everything, one of them is lying. Another statement, one that seems to be more nearly true, is that if two libertarians talk for an hour they’ll agree on two things – that taxation is theft, and that one of them is […]

The Free Market and Education.

The American Education system is quite outdated and long overdue for an upgrade that what I believe is a complete remodeling of how we teach our children, to how we design our schools, even down to the way our children are placed within their class. For far too long they have been placed in row […]

Libertarianism: A (Very Short) Primer

Libertarianism: A (Very Short) Primer Noah Mickel Current political discourse is rife with aggression, divisiveness, and alienation. With the election of Donald Trump, many see a wave of protectionism and authoritarianism seeping into the right. On the other hand, the former liberal position of free speech is being curtailed for the sake of “Social Justice.” […]