You Chose The Wrong Team, Drudge.

You Chose The Wrong Team, Drudge.

On September 3, 2013, Matt Drudge tweeted (since deleted), “It is now Authoritarian vs Libertarian. Since Democrats and Republicans has (sic) been obliterated, no real difference between the parties…” Since that brief More »

NY’s Erie County Libertarian Party: One Year Of Amazing Progress

NY’s Erie County Libertarian Party: One Year Of Amazing Progress

The Erie County Libertarian Party is the first of six new county chapters, since it’s founding on July 18th, 2015, and has taken off running.  In that brief amount of time, the Libertarian More »

Do all libertarians agree on this one thing?

Do all libertarians agree on this one thing?

What do Gary Johnson, Austin Petersen, Will Coley, and Vermin Supreme all agree on? No, not free ponies but on my run for U.S. Senate against Chuck Schumer in New York. I More »

Chuck Schumer: The Plague of New York Politics

Chuck Schumer: The Plague of New York Politics

Senator Chuck Schumer embodies everything wrong with politics today. Schumer has never held a private sector job, entering his career in politics in 1975 as a member of the New York State More »

Iowa Needs To Build On The Libertarian Party

Iowa Needs To Build On The Libertarian Party

Iowa boasts six elected libertarians officials in local offices, five of which serve on the city council. They  have no one in their state level offices, leaving legislation to only the democrats and More »


You Chose The Wrong Team, Drudge.


On September 3, 2013, Matt Drudge tweeted (since deleted), “It is now Authoritarian vs Libertarian. Since Democrats and Republicans has (sic) been obliterated, no real difference between the parties…”

Since that brief flirtation, Matt Drudge has become chief water carrier for Donald J. Trump, trying to rally recalcitrant Republicans and conservative leaning independents to support the shitgibbon-in-chief.  Since that declaration, Drudge has mentioned the word Libertarian in 15 stories. Of those stories, only one has been in the last year, an AP story about Porcfest in June.

He has mentioned Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson 3 times, EVER. Two of those mentions were on July 1, 2014, when he became Cannabis Sativa CEO. He mentioned Bob Barr’s 2008 LP candidacy twice and even the death of Harry Browne in 2006. He has not once mentioned Gary Johnson as a 2016 candidate.

It is clear since that very public declaration which side Matt Drudge is on. I wonder what happened to the reclusive fedora wearing Drudge to cause him to suckle firmly on the Trump teet. Whatever the cause, it is clear that Drudge has chosen to align himself with the Authoritarians.

Kevin McCormick Seeks Spot In Arizona House


On July 28th, 2016, former Libertarian Party presidential candidate Kevin McCormick announced through Facebook of his intentions to run as a write-in candidate on the August 30th primary election in order to get on the ballot for the general election in November.

I’m officially announcing my run for the Arizona House LD 15.
Due to laws the Arizona congress passed this year in attempt to keep the Libertarian Party off the ballot I am being forced to run as a write in candidate for the Arizona House LD 15 in our closed primary on Aug. 30th. If you live in Arizona contact me with details regarding the Libertarian write in primary.

McCormick joins a slate of other Libertarian Party of Arizona candidates running for various positions ranging from Justice of the Peace to US Senate.


Libertarian Merissa Hamilton Takes Ward’s “Outsider” Title In Arizona


As the highly observed primary race in Arizona between challenger Dr. Kelli Ward and incumbent Senator John McCain continues to garner national attention, things have heated up even further in the copper star state as Libertarian Merissa Hamilton has recently announced her candidacy for the much desired US Senate seat. Unlike the Republicans and Democrats, in this race Hamilton will have to receive a certain number of write in votes from registered members of the Libertarian Party of Arizona on the August 30th primary election in order to appear on the ballot on the November 8th general election.

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While many libertarians in Arizona were enthusiastic to see Dr. Ward take on neoconservative John McCain, Ward’s tactic of simply jumping on the Trump train has caused many to assume that this once outsider candidate might simply become another Republican cheerleader for the administration if her and Trump win in November. Personally (being a Arizona native), she lost me when she pushed for Trump’s wall policy stating she’ll “mix the mortar to fix the border!” While illegal immigration is a severe issue in the border state, a wall won’t stop people from coming into a country with a welfare state that gives benefits to non-citizens.

Merissa Hamilton came onto the scene as a Tea Partier turned Libertarian when she was interviewed by Matt Kibbe from Conservative Review at this year’s Libertarian National Convention. As a former volunteer for Austin Petersen’s presidential campaign, Hamilton continued as a active member of the party, eventually starting the Pro-Life Libertarian Party Council and taking a more active role in the Libertarian Party of Arizona as membership and interest grew.

Merissa Hamilton has spent her life in the private sector unlike the other candidates in the race. Tasked with solving issues within various consumer divisions, Hamilton was a rising star in the Foodservice and Supply Chain industries. In 2009 Hamilton lead a nationwide initiative “in the Foodservice industry to drive waste out of the supply chain and create needed efficiencies to help the industry grow and meet increasing consumer and legislative demands.”

Apart from being a stellar employee and problem solver, Merissa’s public service within her community brought her to assisting and financially aiding to female victims of domestic violence. Hamilton has spent years helping families who have had children unlawfully abducted from Child Protective Services.

untitled Libertarian Merissa Hamilton Takes Ward's "Outsider" Title In Arizona untitled

In a year of outsiders and surprises, Hamilton could have a shot at the seat if she is capable of getting on the ballot for the November election. While Arizona is a state that has been abused by Democrats weakening it’s sovereignty and Republicans wasting it’s tax dollars, the leave me alone state could use a Libertarian in order to finally end the abuse of it’s civil liberties and sovereignty.

Frankly, I don’t think Arizona natives are interested in exchanging Hillary’s BFF John McCain for someone who appears to be auditioning for the role of Mrs. Trump, and a Democrat is out of the question. It’s time to vote different, and for those inclined to that line of thinking, an alternative option is finally on the table.

*Originally published at The Liberty Conservative, republished with permission of the author

Where Ted Cruz, John McAfee, And Saul Alinsky Cross Paths


“Washington and politics are a lagging indicator of social change” ~Matt Kibbe

I’m done with political predictions. Trump took the crystal ball I thought I had and shattered it, so I’m finished with those predictions. With that albatross in the room shot dead, that doesn’t leave me with much to write about personally, but one thing has been rumbling around in my head…

Bernie Sanders made socialism sexy…

Seriously, so many upset “Bernie or bust” doops across the nation cried on live television during the DNC. His stupid policies and underhanded Marxist propaganda made socialism relevant. Yet this wasn’t a run of the mill phenomenon; Sanders’ ability to run a campaign in the Democratic primaries as an open socialist and be taken seriously was the product of more than a hundred years of Fabian strategy leading up to his moment where Bernie was able to fundamentally transform the Democratic Party.

This all leads me to where everything in the world went wrong, why have libertarians not been capable of making as deep of an impact as the creepy socialist? For years I followed the Saul Alinsky approach to social change (subtlety), from there I even worked as an open Libertarian (where my intentions were public), trying to pitch a tent in the subtle and loud camps of the Liberty movement. Watching the race play out now, here are three factors I consider in understanding where I may have gone wrong.

Ted Cruz has since day one of his time in the US Senate been a rabble rousing outsider. While Rand Paul was filibustering Eric Holder’s theoretical drone striking of a Starbucks, Cruz actually managed to push the establishment into shutting down the government for three weeks back in 2013. The strange thing about Rand vs. Ted is that while Rand was touted the liberty golden boy, Ted Cruz was there at his side, but when it came to even bigger things such as fighting internet censorship and several other hot button issues, it was in fact Cruz leading the charge. Ted Cruz even had the stones to stand on the senate floor and call out all the establishment leaders of the GOP in broad daylight and not even a year later stood on the RNC floor and refuse to endorse the nominee. To this day Cruz is perhaps the sharpest conservative in the government, and he wasn’t able to make as many dents in the Washington Cartel because he was out making friends.

John McAfee told people to run in the streets naked, that was something that I had to wrap my mind around for a while. Looking at his presidential campaign in retrospect however, I get the concept even more. In an interview with Reason Magazine McAfee stated to the reporter:

“I’m 70! You can do anything you want to waste time. I can’t. I’m doing this to change the country that I love as much as I love myself. So you can believe it. I don’t give a shit or not whether you believe it! It’s whether I live it. And I live it, I have lived it my entire life.”

From his rather peculiar campaign videos to other tactics used to gain attention, I realized that McAfee’s campaign’s rather eclectic methods succeeded in two things; gaining the apathetic citizen’s ear long enough to give them a second look, and force certain individuals to actually put in some bloody effort for the cause. The political influence of McAfee lives on with the Vote Different Initiative, who looked at the failure of the Libertarian Party National Committee’s tools and capabilities for candidates and said “sit down son, I’ll take it from here.” The Vote Different approach spotted the holes in many campaigns and immediately filled the void with contacts, support, and other logistical help. McAfee made people think and told them to do a gut check and act, and now they’re actually putting work in.

Alinsky’s mob tactics took Fabian strategy into the 20th century, but it wasn’t successful because he simple was able to influence the right number of people into obtaining public office and political power. Alinsky was able to use fear, paranoia, and tragedy to seize on the moment. It’s the same tactic the media and the elites use and it works every time. As Rahm Emmanuel once said, “never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

What is to be learned from this? Commitment…

For those that listen to my show where I continually talk about this, I already stated before I don’t have the answer for how to change hearts and minds down to a science, what I do know however is this; Alinsky spotted the battlefields of where political and social conflicts would take place, and men such as Ted Cruz and John McAfee were able to tell people to get off your rear, fight, and go down punching if need be.

Enough tough talk to friends and angry tweets, go actually do something that matters.

*Originally published at The Liberty Conservative, republished with permission of the author