The Power of Individual Liberty

Often times the things that hold us back, oppress us, diminish us exist in large part are because we allow them to. We believe they must exist and that they are in the right to wrong us.

My goal as a Libertarian isn’t to give these beasts any more bite by terrifying you with tales of their abuse of power over you but to shine a light that this power has been yours to take back all along.

That bad things in this world often exist from the fact we have yet to claim our individuality and ability to empower ourselves and when we do the beast will turn out to be just a paper tiger in the wind.

So no, I will not engage in the politics of fear, resentment and anger that empower the beast but the politics of hope, optimism and affirmation that empowers you to take back the rights you had all along.

That’s all I offer and what I will always offer. If you find this to be a better path, please join me by my side on the journeys ahead.

Diversity is good because of cooperation and conflict

Diversity is not good because everyone will always get along, but in large part because initially they won’t. (Overtime they will as later generations grow up side by side)

A society with a moderate level of conflict will be less likely to agree on how to use government power on each other and use it less so as they’ll be too busy fighting over how to use it. (My good friend gridlock)

I want people to get along, share ideas and create something new but that won’t always be the case. Markets and society don’t just benefit from our non-violent cooperation but also from our non-violent competition. (Self-Ownership clearly draws the line from which these forces cross the line from productive to destructive)

Libertarianism is Inclusive

Libertarianism doesn’t dictate your personal values on how the world should be, just that your only tool for making it so are your life, body and property and that others shouldn’t take/hurt those tools and you shouldn’t hurt/take their’s.

So yes not all libertarians are going to feel the same way personally about immigration, abortion, multiculturalism etc. (and that’s fine)

Personally I’m very much for simpler more open immigration policies and feel diverse populations enhance markets and moderate conflicts, but it’s totally cool if you disagree with me, doesn’t mean you want to take/hurt my life, body or property.

Although people often conflate their personal views with Libertarianism and denigrate other people who Share very similar anti-force principles making hard to create a solid movement for individual liberty.

Bottom line:

Bad Idea

Focusing your advocacy attacking and demonizing those who don’t share the same personal values you do within the broader libertarian movement. (Worse than speaking to the choir, you are attacking the choir)

Good Idea


Focusing your advocacy on speaking to people with your values, the audience most likely to be receptive to what you have to say and getting them involved in the ideas of liberty. Treating movement politics as a fun game of capture the flag and that by competing over influence in the movement by numbers drives everyone to grow their numbers and the movement as a whole.


If you’re like myself and like talking to people who disagree as much as people who agree (being challenged is how I test myself, asking questions is how I learn) then adopt marketing principles of targeting and segmentation when you talk and be aware of your audience. Identify where your best path to adovacacy is and take it. Don’t rush to discuss the most alienating thing you can find for that audience. (It’s like visiting your spouses parents for the first time and talking about how good they are in bed)

Let’s give everyone Free Healthcare!!!

Let’s give everyone free healthcare!

Everyone at first: Yay, this is awesome. I pay a little more taxes but it’s offset by not paying that insurance premium.

Doctors: Well you are controlling costs by severely limiting my pay versus my student loans… doesn’t seem financially sensical for new people to become doctors.

Ok… then let’s pay for everyone’s education!

Everyone: Sweet, I am ok with the higher taxes cause it replaced my student loan bill.

Overtime the costs increase so taxes increase…

Everyone: Ok these higher taxes aren’t making this so awesome anymore get these costs under control.

Well one way we can control costs is by only letting people come to the country if they are less likely to need government services. Taxes still increase so the poorest and most ambitious move out to seek opportunity elsewhere, only other well to do people can move in so costs balances out with revenue but you’ve driven out the poor and most ambitious who these programs were for in the first place.

All the statistics look good cause your population appears wealthier, smarter and healthier cause everyone else moved out.

If every country did this the poor would be stuck in their country of origin as no nation would accept the poor and huddled masses to control costs. The rich and well to do would still be free to travel around the world but the poor become geographically frozen from seeking greener pastures allowing generational poverty to develop whose plight is diminished by government services but do to a lack of free movement becomes perpetual.

This may take several generations to play out, but it will play out.

(This doesn’t even consider the effects on innovation and the likely labor protections that would form that would create persistent youth unemployment, but let’s keep it simple)

Libertarian Perspective on Economic Bubbles

Bottom line an economy is the result of a mix of human planning and coordination of scarce resources over time to attempt to best provide the endless variety of wants and needs we all have.

If we invest the right amount into the right investments today we can achieve growth as there is more for more people. When we invest the wrong amount into the wrong things we find ourselves less able to satisfy the wants and demands of society at prices people can afford.

Our ability to make these investment decisions are as good as the signals we use to make them such as prices. (Kinda like you use weather forecasts to plan what clothes to wear and bring an umbrella). In the same way a bad forecast signals you to dress too light or too warm, bad price signals result in misplaced capital.

Libertarian view of Corruption

The more dependent people become on government expenditures the more government becomes dependent on its’ biggest taxpayers who can then ask for favors and cronyism.

To end corruption government needs to be less dependent on taxpayers which means people need to become less dependent on government.

Join me in being Libertarian and fighting back against the cycle corruption at

Why Should Convicts Be Allowed to Vote

Bottom Line:

Electoral Politics always benefits those can and do vote at the expense of those who can’t or won’t vote. In light of this, the rights of a class of people who can’t vote are subject to political ambivalence and incentivizes politicians to reclassify political foes into that excluded class.

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