What the Libertarian Party Needs to do to Succeed

I love the Libertarian Party. It is a party of true principle that seeks to spread the message of liberty to an unhappy America. Unfortunately, the LP is strongly lacking in just about everything it needs to win. Throughout the course of this election, I watched the LP closely. I read articles, talked with people, […]

William Shakespeare: An Unwitting Libertarian

To put it simply, the non-aggression principle states that coercive actions may not be initiated against others except in cases of self-defense. For many of its advocates, the non-aggression principle follows directly from the idea that power corrupts man, leading him to aggress against others for short-term gain. Interestingly, that idea lurks in many of […]

The Economics of Ponyville

Economics is not just the study of satisfying insatiable wants with limited resources, as so many Econ 101 textbooks contend. Economic science encompasses all human behavior: people acting rationally to reach objectives. Those objectives include such everyday dilemmas as deciding which checkout lane at the supermarket will be fastest, dating and finding the right person […]